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High School Seniors Arrested For Torching Graduation Stage

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They’ll Never Forget Graduation Day

TWO ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA,  TEENS WHO were scheduled to graduate from Roosevelt High School tonight have been arrested and charged with arson.  They are suspected of setting a fire on the school’s football field that burned down a stage that had been set up for Friday’s graduation ceremony.

The fire was discovered early Thursday morning around 1:20 am and the Roseville Fire Department handled it easily, but the stage was destroyed along with a large section of the artificial turf covering the field where the stage was erected.  The total damage is expected to reach $100,000.

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KCRA-TV reports:

Roy Jordan Loya, 18, and a 17-year-old student were named as suspects, according to Roseville police. The students also face felony vandalism and conspiracy charges.

As a result of the arson, two additional security guards were in place before the sun set to patrol the Roseville High School campus throughout the night and into Friday morning.

Administrators scrambled to figure out a Plan B for the graduation ceremony of 500 students. A new stage was brought in Thursday afternoon and the burned section of the field was covered with artificial grass.

The graduation ceremony will go on as scheduled Friday afternoon, school administrators said.

Thursday was the last day of school but fast police work identified the suspects quickly and they were arrested while still in class Thursday afternoon.  Puzzlingly, the school officials say that they will still graduate and receive their diplomas.

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Roy Jordan Loya, 18, is one of two students arrested
and taken out of class yesterday.  (Fox40 News)

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