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Arizona Batt. Chief Quits Following Ethics Probe

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Could Take 6 Firefighters Down With Him

GILBERT (Arizona) FIRE DEPARTMENT Battalion Chief David Rodriguez abruptly retired on the day an ethics investigation report was released.  He was earlier put on administrative leave in March when the city learned that he had become a point of interest in the 4-month long investigation.

Rodriquez is accused of violating city ethics rules and abusing sick leave.  He is also the fire chief in nearby Forest Lakes Fire District and believed to have encouraged some Gilbert firefighters under his command to call in sick so that they could be available to pull a shift at the Forest Lakes FD instead with Rodriguez covering for them.  In addition, Rodriguez is suspected of using his own sick leave in order to perform Forest Lake FD business instead.

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The Arizona Republic reported on the 28th of May:

A second report, which will likely include findings on other Gilbert fire employees who have worked at Forest Lakes, is expected to wrap up in about a month.

Preliminary research found that as many as six Gilbert Fire employees might have inappropriately used sick leave in connection with secondary employment at Forest Lakes and might be subject to some level of discipline, according to the report.

Rodriquez did call into a Forest Lakes Fire District board meeting while on duty in Gilbert, violating the town’s personnel rules and ethics code, according to Sobraske’s report.

The investigation also concluded that Rodriquez had violated town rules in soliciting Gilbert firefighters to work at Forest Lakes while he was on duty in Gilbert, used town resources to secure vacation time for another employee to work up north and used his Gilbert e-mail and computer for Forest Lakes business.

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