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Crash While Operating At Wildfire Incident

A 31-YR.-OLD FIREFIGHTER DIED Saturday afternoon while driving a firetruck returning from at a wildfire in Eichricht.  While maneuvering on a roadway, the truck apparently slipped off the path.

The 17-ton firetruck valued at 200,000 euros left the winding forest road and rolled down a steep embankment about 150 ft., ending up on its roof and fatally entrapping the firefighter.  It took two hours to extricate him after a delay in locating the accident that was unreported when it occurred.

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(Color enhanced for photo clarity)  MDR / Hartmann

It took about three hours of searching to find the truck and driver who was hidden in the foliage 30 meters below the road.

thuringen b mdr hartmann

MDR / Hartmann

Ostthuringer Zeitung had the STORY.
MDR Thüringen has more plus a brief video from the scene HERE.

Thanks to Christian Lewalter.

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