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Ambulance Strikes Trio of Bicyclists – One Dead

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No Charges Expected

A KNOX COUNTY, KENTUCKY, AMBULANCE was responding to a hospital with a patient at 10 pm Saturday night when it struck three teens riding their bicycles.  The boys were riding down the median of U.S. 25 when they were struck.  One of them died on the scene and the other two were transported with minor injuries and were later released.

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Kentucky State Police are still investigating, but they say that they do not expect to file any charges against the ambulance driver.  It is currently being considered an accident.

The Knox County EMT driver has been given compassionate leave for “two or three weeks,” but is not being disciplined.

WKYT-TV posted this video report:

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  • PARAMEDIC70002

    Terrible. I was in the rear of a medic involved in a child pedestrian crash once, the mentally challenged kid ran right out in front of us. Broke his hip but he recovered. Shook my driver up pretty bad, she quit volunteering not long after.