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Redecorating With Hash Oil

vancouver hash a clarkcountysheriff

HOME HASH OIL PRODUCTION IS seemingly gaining ground on in-house meth labs as the remodeling method of choice for home druggies. The stovetop cookery is blowing out walls and breaking leases with more regularity lately.

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Darwin Visits Florida

A PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA, TEENAGER was seriously burned Monday evening after he boyfriend tried to juice up an outdoor cooking fire with gasoline.

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Culinary Training

SOMEBODY HAS TAKEN THE time and effort to make a video presentation on How to Eat a Chicken Wing.

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We’re On A Roll !

MORE PRECISELY, WE’RE ON A BUN….. a barbecue bun, that is. George C. sent us still another fire engine that has been converted to cookery.  This one is a 1961 Mack C-85 that started its long life with the Lake ...

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A Cultural Gap Arises In Buffalo

IN THE BUFFALO SUBURB OF HAMBURG, NEW YORK, a man stood and watched as an employee of the China King restaurant non-chalantly dragged a road-kill deer across the parking lot and in through the front door of the restaurant. [photopress:chinaking.jpg,full,centered] ...

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Another Culinary Pumper

FOLLOWING UP ON OUR POSTINGS OF THE two beer and pizza pumpers yesterday (HERE and HERE), longtime-reader Firehat sent us this photo. [photopress:Waco.jpg,full,centered] This former fire engine is currently in Baytown, Texas, and the entire hose bed has been altered ...

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Burgers and Beer? Oh, Boy!

 [photopress:burgerking_logo.jpg,full,centered] BURGER KING, HOME OF THE WHOPPER, announced in a press release this month that they will be opening the first of a new type of outlet that will be called Whopper Bar. These new faster-than-fast food restaurants will be ...

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Don’t Forget: Turn It Off

FROM SHELBY COUNTY, ALABAMA, THE BIRMINGHAM NEWS is reporting that a routine food-on-the-stove call has caused some embarrassment at Fire Station 3. [photopress:north_shelby_sta_3.jpg,full,centered] Station 3 (North Shelby FD photo) The North Shelby Fire District engine company was dispatched on a fire ...

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