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Jumbo Hazmat Fire in Michigan Warehouse

livonia b fox

A LARGE FIRE BROKE OUT WEDNESDAY morning in the ERG Environmental Services industrial building in Livonia, Michigan. The fire was already well advanced when the first units arrived and the nature of the building lent to a well-ventilated structure fire.

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Radioactive Diapers Trigger Haz-Mat Response

iodine a

A TRASH TRUCK CARRYING WASTE in Linz, Austria, pulled into the incinerator yard Tuesday morning and instantly set off the radiation alarm. The truck was moved to an isolated area and the Linz fire brigade haz-mat unit was called to the scene.

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Leaky Fridge In Grocery Sends 9 To Hospitals

rindge a ledgertranscript

Employees started suffering from respiratory distress and dizziness just after 6 pm and the fire department was called in. They found at least 20 people obviously affected from what was determined to be a leaky refridgeration unit in the store.

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