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Protesting The Bare Facts of Hours

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On top of that, the government wants the firefighters to pay for the maintenance of their uniforms and running gear. It was this item that encouraged the strip show this week illustrating the outlandish demand by the administration.

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Kenosha Firefighters File Official Complaint Against Their Chief

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The complaint cited other instances in which the chief is alleged to have used crude, abusive and obscene language. "The commission should not permit the Kenosha Fire Department to be led by an individual who performs his duties in an unprofessional, discriminatory and embarrassing manner," the complaint states.

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Dirty Drug-Stealing Firefighter Charged

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ROCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE, FIRE LIEUTENANT Donald Penney. 48, was indicted last week and charged with 29 felony counts of stealing controlled drugs. Penney was also a part-time paramedic for a local hospital and all of his thefts took place in that capacity.

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Promotional Opportunities in Minnesota

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THE NOW-FORMER FIRE CHIEF of Dilworth, Minnesota, is facing several felony charges after threatening to burn down the houses of several other fire department members along with some of the city council members.

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