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Pyro-Fire Chief Update

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A month later on November 22, following s lengthy interrogation in which he confessed to setting nine fires over a 13-month period, Scharber pled guilty to two counts, setting one fire on U.S. forest land in the Superior National Forest and attempted arson of a building at Mattila’s Birch Lake Resort in Babbitt.

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Another Stolen Ambulance

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A NIAGARA FALLS, NEW YORK, MAN is in jail this morning after being charged Wednesday with several crimes related to his stealing a Rural/Metro ambulance in the city.

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Sticky-Fingered Treasurer Sentenced

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Deputy Attorney General Anthony Picione told the Star-Ledger that Ayers embezzled the money hundreds of times and the discrepancies were discovered after she failed to repay a loan for a new roof at the fire station.

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Another Former President Caught Dipping

yurkovic a

SOME OF THE MEMBERS OF the Imperial Volunteer Fire Department in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, suspected that company president Chester Yurkovic was sharing in the fund drives. So they set up their own sting operation ....

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Former Bent Fire Chief Sentenced

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BILLY JOE CARTER, FORMER FIRE CHIEF of Botetourt Volunteer Fire Department in Buchanan County, Virginia, was sentenced to serve six years in prison yesterday, with another 18 years suspended, after he pleaded "no contest" to five of the nine counts against him.

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