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Major Incidents

3 Dead, 20+ Injured in 46-Vehicle Pileup

pileup b wls

THREE PEOPLE WERE KILLED and more than 20 others injured in a massive traffic pileup in northwestern Indiana Thursday afternoon. At last count there were 46 vehicles involved, 18 semi's, 2 pickup trucks, and 26 passenger vehicles on the stretch of I-94 near Michigan City, Indiana.

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3 Dead, 30 Missing in Old-Age Home Fire – UPDATED

oldage c infodimanche

A FIRE SWEPT THROUGH A SENIOR-CITIZENS home in eastern Quebec Thursday morning. The blaze in the 52-unit facility in L’Isle-Verte, in the Lower St. Lawrence region, completely destroyed the residence apparently leaving few survivors.

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Conflagration in Norway – Updated

norway a bbc

A LARGE FIRE RACED THROUGH a historical village in Norway Saturday night that is famous for its well-preserved wooden houses from the 18th and 19th centuries, destroying at least 30 buildings. The fire destroyed 16 homes, as well as industrial buildings, community centers and holiday homes.

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Hundreds of Homes Destroyed as Fire Sweeps Through Tibetan Village

dukezong b

The 1,300-year-old town is a popular tourist spot for both its historic connections and the photogenic traditional wooden homes built along narrow alleyways. It was this compact, flammable hazard that burned for nine hours before the local fire brigades could contain it, consuming and estimated 250 homes.

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9-County Water Emergency in West Virginia

freedom water ap

A CHEMICAL LEAK THAT HAS THE POTENTIAL to contaminate a public water supply has brought a federal disaster declaration to a 9-county region around Charleston, West Virginia. The leak from a tank of 4-methylcyclohexane methanol at the Freedom Industries chemical plant along the Elk River may have gotten into the public water supply for the region, but how much has not yet been determined.

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