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Mass Casualty Incident

Mudslide Update

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The mile-wide mudslide has literally swept away an entire community that dates back 100 years. As of Tuesday morning, there are 14 known fatalities and the collation of missing person reports ....

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13 Dead, 136 Injured in Saudi Hotel Fire

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“We saw some people waving through the windows for help. We also saw several firefighters engaged in rescue operations. A large number of people had gathered in front of the hotel. It was a frightening scene,”

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3 Dead, 20+ Injured in 46-Vehicle Pileup

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THREE PEOPLE WERE KILLED and more than 20 others injured in a massive traffic pileup in northwestern Indiana Thursday afternoon. At last count there were 46 vehicles involved, 18 semi's, 2 pickup trucks, and 26 passenger vehicles on the stretch of I-94 near Michigan City, Indiana.

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Two Dead in Omaha Factory Collapse

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OMAHA, NEBRASKA, FIREFIGHTERS were dispatched Monday morning at 10 am Central to an animal feed production plant on the report of an explosion and fire. When the first units arrived they found a large industrial building partially collapsed. A second alarm was struck along with a call for the Nebraska USAR team and a notification of a probable mass casualty incident.

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