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morning lineup

Morning Lineup – April 18

golfball sand tee a

Growing up in the days where you'd tee the ball up for a drive on a mound of sand that you formed with your hands (no wooden tees yet), he was a scratch golfer while still a teenager.

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Morning Lineup – April 13

 Sunday – Travel Day Firegeezer is on the road today, returning home from Indy.  Postings will resume Monday afternoon.  The Sunday Matinee will return next week. Thank you for your patience. *  *  *  *  *  *  *

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Morning Lineup – April 12

Saturday Another quick Lineup today because we have an early start at the exhibit hall.  Today is getaway day and the exhibits close down at 2 pm, hence the early 9 am opening.  It has been a very good show ...

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Morning Lineup – April 10

Thursday – That Loud Horn Means Something The FDIC is in full swing now with classes galore and I see lots of people coming and going from the convention center.  The FDIC has a long reputation for presenting the very ...

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Morning Lineup – April 9

morning lineup d

When I was srill working our FD training division presented a full day training sessions for police officers where they were taught the how's and why's of basic things like where to park the cruiser at a fire scene (not in front of the fire building!), why we don't use elevators, and most definitely not to ....

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