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Salt Spreader Rescued After Going Off Course

salt a wbns

He had enough speed and weight that he continued up a steep embankment before coasting to a stop. Then he began sliding backwards down the embankment, meeting a retaining wall on I-70 and going partly over the top before coming to rest.

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Wall Stops Flying Car Just Short of House

wall car b ocr

Franz Nalezny, 22, was the only passenger in his 2010 Mazda hatchback when it went airborne and landed on top of a wall just missing going into a house less than a half-mile from his destination.

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Phoenix Firefighters/Paramedics Perform Field Amputation

amputation a pfd

When the units arrived they found a company construction worker ensnared in the machinery up to his shoulder. The medics were able to stabilize the man and two "extrication" companies were dispatched to assist in the disassembly of the large belt contraption.

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Jumpers Among 8 Dead in Ukraine Plant Fire

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The fire blazed through the top two floors of the 5-story building just before noon and quickly drove the victims to the windows for refuge. As the floor filled with fire, many of them resorted to hanging out the windows to await rescue that was slow in coming.

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