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Morning Lineup – March 2

marussia a

Take the Formula One racing teams, for example. Knowing full well that it will be a mite chilly in the northern hemisphere this time of year, they planned to open their 2014 racing season in Australia on March 16.

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Morning Lineup – February 12

credit card reader new a

I didn't know this, but the U.S. is the last major market in the world to use this system which is also the most vulnerable to being compromised. Everybody else has cards with a microchip implanted (instead of the magnetic strip) and after the card is swiped, the user enters a PIN to complete the sale.

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Morning Lineup – January 28

morning lineup e

Older people do not decline mentally with age, it just takes them longer to recall facts because they have more information in their brains, scientists believe.

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Morning Lineup – January 8

tattoo a

A group of researchers has formulated a liquid metal mixture that can be used in an ordinary ink-jet printer which would then be able to print out electronic circuits on almost any media including T-shirts.

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Morning Lineup – January 7


A few days ago they published an article on some great strides being taken to develop a data storage disk that will preserve data (information) for 1 million years. The thought being that if we want to preserve anything about the human race, then it should outlast the human race itself.

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