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A Night of Heros


Mike shares one of the amazing stories from last night's Sandy Superstorm in New York City.

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Medstar Suspends Lights-&-Siren Responses


A frigid blast of Arctic air blitzed North Texas on Tuesday with freezing rain, snow and blustery winds. Icy conditions closed Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport and area schools. MedStar turns off emergency lights and sirens.

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Frigid Firefighting – cont’d.


There probably wasn't any greater challenge than the apartment fire that faced the Lebanon, New Hampshire, firefighters shortly after 8:30 am on Monday morning while the outside temperature was minus-20º F.

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Frigid Water Supplies


Arctic Weather Challenges Northeastern Firefighters THE WAVE OF SUB-FREEZING WEATHER THAT swept across New England and the Mid-Atlantic states Monday set up some real challenges for firefighters as hydrants froze and working areas iced over.  We are bringing just two examples of ...

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There Goes the Dome!


ALMOST EVERYBODY has heard about the bit of bad luck in Minneapolis where the inflated roof over their sports arena collapsed under the weight of this weekend's snow.

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