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Outbreak – CD



This CD is for YOU!

On May 31,1985, the emergency services of NW Pennsylvania faced a catastrophe of unimaginable proportions, a tornado outbreak the likes of which are rarely seen in the east.  41 tornadoes touched down in 6 hours across Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Ontario Canada.  66 people lost their lives with thousands injured.  Can you imagine being the Fire Dispatcher on duty that day?  After 25 years, the only surviving copy of the Crawford County PA. 911 Center dispatch tapes has been found and you can experience the terror from the safety of your den!

The fire radio traffic was originally recorded onto cassette tapes and then stored for a couple weeks, then the tape would get reused.  Steve Marshall obtained this tape a couple days after the outbreak and then it got lost deep in his desk.  It turned up just in time for the outbreak’s 25th anniversary.

Steve has remastered the audio track and put it on CD and they are now available at the Firegeezer Shop at the reasonable price of only $10.  This 30-minute track contains multiple dispatches for tornado touchdowns, incoming calls to the center requesting rescue, warnings that “a large tornado is headed your way” and the dramatic “I’ve got total devastation down here” radio call used by ABC news in their coverage.


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