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Considerate Arsonist Warns Neighbors to Get Out


STEPHANIE KRAUSER, 52, OF NORWOOD, Ohio, warned her neighbor in the over/under duplex that she lives lived in that they should leave their home because she was setting the place on fire.

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Crime: Arson in Connecticut – Part Three


Conclusion. Court transcripts from the various criminal proceedings, the civil suit against Moeller, the insurance proceedings and various appelate processes indicate a total of some $68 million in claims for damages resulted from this arson.

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Washougal Standoff Update #2


INVESTIGATORS HAVE RECOVERED THE BODY of the third occupant of the house in Washougal, Washington, that was set afire last Wednesday, December 7.

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Nursing Home Fire Update


Police have disclosed that Roger Dean, 35, has been charged with murder and arson in the one-story nursing home where he worked.

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