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LODD – Germany


A TRAINING evolution for the local volunteer fire brigade in Ronsberg, Germany, ended tragically when one of the members, a 34-yr.-old man fell off the roof of a building and died on the scene of the accident.

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LODD in Italy


AT 11:00 AM WEDNESDAY MORNING, ERMANNO FOSSATI, 52, died while working an auto accident after being struck by a fire department vehicle.

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LODD Shawnee, Kansas


A SHAWNEE, KANSAS, FIREFIGHTER PERISHED IN A HOUSE FIRE Saturday night when he became separated from his crew inside a burning dwelling while searching for victims.

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LODD in France


A 33-YR.-OLD FIREFIGHTER WAS KILLED EARLY THIS MORNING (Monday) in the French seacoast city of La Rochelle.

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