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3 Alarms At North Philly Warehouse

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Nearby Homes Threatened, Evacuated A WAREHOUSE IN PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, WAS heavily damaged Sunday afternoon when a fire broke out sometime around noon. WPVI-TV The fire was dispatched at 12:30 pm and the first-in units found fire through the roof on ...

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Double LODD – Philadelphia


TWO FIREFIGHTERS WERE KILLED AND THREE MORE Injured Monday morning at a large fire that started in a vacant factory building in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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Ambulance Crashes, Flips in Downtown Philly


A PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, FIRE DEPARTMENT ambulance was involved in a collision at an intersection around 7 am this morning (Friday) that caused the ambulance to roll onto its side.

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Taking Chances – a Commentary


I like the union's theory that this is an effort by the city to intimidate the members into refraining from reporting injuries and thus reduce the city's workers' compensation claims.

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3 FF’s Hurt, 1 Critical in Philly


A PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, FIREFIGHTER is in critical but stable condition Sunday after being injured during a rescue operation

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Local Pres. vs. Chief on Philly TV

DURING A TELEVISION REPORT ON PHILADELPHIA'S controversial firehouse roulette program, WTXF-TV had both Bill Gault, the president of the firefighters union local, and Fire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers on the program.

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Arsonist Flames 11 Homes in Philly


ELEVEN HOMES WERE BURNED THURSDAY MORNING in the Germantown section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The fire was set by an arsonist at 3:30 am this morning and completely burned down the targeted house.

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